Trine Rein


Norwegian/American singer/songwriter/artist

I was born (not so horribly long ago!) in San Francisco, and at age one, my mother took me to Norway where I grew up on the countryside a little south of Oslo.

The first language I could understand, was American, and the first language I could speak, was Norwegian. My musical heart has always been drawn back to my roots, so most of my music has English lyrics. I write a lot of my own material now, but in the earlier days of my career, I never viewed myself as a songwriter. I guess it took some maturing and a few years of life experience to get to a place where I could trust in my own abilities to compose my own music and lyrics. Since I never took any interest in learning how to play an instrument, I always depend on other musicians and writers to help me create new song material. It has given me some incredible opportunities to work with amazing people and writers through the years, and I am blessed to look back on a long and fulfilling career.

To me, there is only two kinds of music: good music, and bad music. I don’t care so much about getting stuck in one genre, I just perform music that speaks to me regardless of the origin. I draw the line at cursing in my lyrics. I see no reason to call on the darker side to express myself, and I always try to keep my focus on the light. I know the light, and I also know the darkness. Asides from my loving family and friends, the most important asset in my life is my loyal followers and audience.

Without you guys, there would be no me. I honestly don’t know what I would have become in life if it hadn’t been for you. Making a living in the entertainment business is a rough road, and I admit that I have sometimes wondered how else I could be making a living. I always get back to this: I really don’t know what else to do, so I guess I’ll just continue to do what I love the most: To sing!🎶

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Follow your heart, and shoot for the stars!💫 With love, Trine Rein😊

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